Autor: Campbell, Isaiah
Perillo, Dave (Ilt)

Editorial: Simon and Schuster

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Based on a true World War II story, Isaiah Campbell tells a charming mystery about a mishap at a magic show at a POW camp&#8212;featuring magic how-to diagrams throughout.<br /> <br /> Try as she might, cheeky middle schooler Maxine Larousse (you may call her Max &#8220;La Roo&#8221; or The Amazing Max, if you&#8217;d like) has yet to learn the one magic trick she needs the most: how to reappear in New York City. That is where she used to live with her parents before her father, Major Larousse, was put in charge of a Nazi POW camp in Abilene, Texas. At least in this desolate wasteland she&#8217;ll have plenty of time to practice her illusions, even if the only audience member is her ferret Houdini.<br /> <br /> When she&#8217;s tasked with entertaining the Nazi prisoners with a magic show, the pressure may be too much. But with the help of some classmates and an unexpected magic expert, the performance is a hit&#8212;until twelve Nazis escape during her final act. Will she be able to track them down before her reputation as a magician is destroyed forever?

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Tweens Fiction   Historical Fiction
Tweens Fiction   Social Situations

Formato:Tapa Dura
Tamaño:8.60" l x 5.83" w x 1.38" h
Edades: 8 - 12